8-36m2 / 85-390ft2

Ideation Space

Empower your teams to connect, co-create, share ideas, and solve problems—whether in a hybrid or local session.

Build a room for the best collaborative teamwork.

Create an inclusive experience in your ideation spaces with intuitive and user-friendly collaboration technology.

Enhanced focus

Enable the best views in your meetings and ideation sessions by framing everyone equally, whether they’re brainstorming by the device or sitting around the table.

Incredible sound

Let everyone’s voice be heard while using noise removal and virtual meeting zones to remove distraction from the creative flow.

Seamless ideation

Use your go-to digital whiteboarding apps and empower your teams to brainstorm, work on prototypes, and ideate on any shared content.

A simple and effective room layout at your fingertips.

Simplify your room deployment.

Whether mounted on the wall or on a floor stand, and installed in an enclosed or an open space, this all-in-one setup features a simple, repeatable workspace architecture that takes the guesswork out of installation and maintenance while reducing the total cost of ownership and ongoing support.

Keep everyone perfectly framed.

A wide-angle lens, a far-reaching tele-lens, and AI virtual zoom enhancement work seamlessly together to capture and frame all participants in the room. To support inclusive presentations, the setup can be extended with a PTZ camera for dynamic, optimized presenter views.

Capture every voice.

Powered by a built-in, beamforming mic array and extension with the latest generation IP and alternative microphones, your teams can confidently ensure all voices are heard with clarity.

Transform your spaces into innovation hubs.

Capture all participants

When deploying Cisco Board Pro G2 mounted on the wall, we recommend adhering to the mounting height specified in the installation guide to ensure an optimal camera point of view on the far end of the table while maintaining a natural posture for people in the room—either when looking at the device from a distance or interacting with the touch display.

Optimal views 

When the setup is optimized for presenter tracking, we recommend bundling the installation of the Cisco PTZ 4K Camera with a remote audience screen that can be deployed on the sidewall or on the wall opposite to the front-of-room setup. This will help the local presenter get better visibility of the remote audience and maintain eye contact.

Get the best audio experience

Enhance your audio experience with an acoustically absorbing suspended ceiling panel, porous, acoustical wall panels on adjoining walls, and decorative elements such as wooden batten patterns. The windows can be arranged in segments that are at an angle to the opposite wall to suppress flutter echo. To dampen the sound of footsteps and moving chairs, we recommend carpeting on the floor. In addition, you can address privacy challenges in an open floor layout by using adaptable room dividers.

Boost audio pickup

The video system features an internal microphone array optimized to capture voices up to 4 meters (13 ft) from the device using beamforming technology. If the space is larger or the room features suboptimal acoustic conditions, consider extending the pickup range with multi-directional Cisco Table Microphone Pro units over IP or alternative microphones.

Get a simple room deployment

This room can be deployed in an enclosed space, a semi-open area or an open space and comes in various sizes and orientations. Mixed seating types, varying postures, and multiple mounting options for the Board Pro G2 for wall and floor provide choice and flexibility for your deployment. The layout aims to provide ample space for a presenter or multiple meeting participants to move around and interact with the device.

Create an optimal room design

Where the size of the space allows, consider using a horizontal, trapezoid, or triangle-shaped table to support discussions across the table, get an optimal view of in-room participants, and create a sense of proximity. In some cases, a standing-height table and counter chairs may change the attendee’s posture and encourage people get closer to and interact with the device. And the wheel-stand upgrade option makes this a perfect choice for open flex spaces and adaptable configurations.

Get the perfect lighting

To ensure meeting participants look their best, they should be lit from the front (fill light), top (key light), and back (backlight). For optimal visibility, eye contact, subject highlighting, and scene depth, use glare-free luminaries with a beam angle of 90°or wider to evenly distribute light throughout the room. 

Fine-tuning colors

We recommend using a light intensity of 400-500 lux, measured vertically, to clearly capture facial features, and 700-900 lux for optimal brightness on horizontal work surfaces. Room lighting should be even, and a light color temperature of 4000 K is generally suitable for most scenarios. For accurate color representation of skin tones and interiors, use a color rendering index (CRI) of 85 or better.

Design purpose-built spaces, only with Cisco devices.

Create a small space for ad-hoc, connected brainstorming.

Floor and wall mount options, a 55” integrated touch screen, casual soft furniture and ample space around the device allows in-room participants to ideate seamlessly.

Create a flexible space for vibrant breakouts and ad-hoc collaboration.

Deployed in an open or semi-enclosed space with a fully adaptable arrangement, this simple setup is perfect for agile workshops and impromptu sessions.

Turn any medium room into a space for big ideas.

The horizontal table shape helps everyone be seen and heard while the dimensions of the space allows people to move around and interact with the 75” video device.

Bring a larger group together to share ideas and spark innovation.

Either deployed in an enclosed or open space, this room features a larger footprint and mixed seating types and postures, encouraging teams to ideate and co-create.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Cisco devices are more than great video conferencing hardware. With built-in intelligence and an open platform, they empower your team to work the way you want.

AI-powered cinematic meetings

Create inclusive experiences for all participants with multi-camera intelligence.

Connected ideation and whiteboarding

Bring everyone together to meet, annotate, and ideate.

Elevate your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience

Get the Teams video conferencing you know, powered by intelligent devices you’ll love.

Get started today.