Personal Desk

Create the ideal personal desk space for focus and collaboration.

Desk Mini
Build your own space for productivity and innovation.

Create an inclusive workspace with technology that supports your workstyle.

Simple setup

Clear the clutter and experience exceptional collaboration with the desk device that replaces your webcam, microphone, speakers, and monitor.

Look and sound incredible

Advanced AI capabilities like noise removal and virtual backgrounds keep you productive and looking your best no matter your surroundings.

Create and ideate

Effortlessly co-create and ideate with advanced whiteboarding capabilities at your fingertips.

A simple and effective space layout at your fingertips.

Simplify your desk deployments.

This dedicated desk blueprint provides the ideal space for focus and collaboration with an all-in-one workstation featuring radically simple deployment. This powerful setup creates a clutter-free desk space, enabling everyone to stay organized and productive. 

Be perfectly framed.

The integrated, 64-degree-field-of-view camera within the Cisco Desk and Desk Mini captures a wide-angle view and uses sophisticated vertical tilt adjustment using head detection to keep the user perfectly framed.

Sound your best.

Powered by a built-in, beamforming mic array and supporting the latest generation of Cisco wireless headsets, you can confidently ensure all voices are heard with clarity.

Your personal desk space, optimized.

Amazing views

The Cisco Desk features a built-in 1080p camera with 64-degree horizontal field of view to provide an optimal framing of one user in front of the device. The built-in camera provides the optimal height and viewing angle when the device is placed on a desk, while the camera can adjust vertically using face detection to ensure that users are always framed perfectly.

Supporting ergonomics

When using the wall-mount option of the Desk, we recommend following the mounting height indicated in the installation guide for an optimal camera point of view and long-term comfort.

Get the best audio experience

Although Cisco Desk Series devices feature advanced noise reduction, reverberation reduction algorithms, and focused voice pickup, sound clarity depends on the acoustic conditions in the room. To dampen the sound of footsteps and moving chairs, we recommend using carpet on the floor. Irregular geometries, such as bookshelves, help by spreading the sound.

Boost audio pickup

Noisy and reverberant working environments are challenging. Controlled acoustics support concentration, reduce fatigue, and create a comfortable working environment. Use sound absorbing materials, such as acoustically absorbing wall panels, to reduce reverberation.

Optimal environment

Ensuring all components are set up in the right place in the room is an integral part of achieving truly great video calls. Be sure the device is  at the correct distance from the camera to the floor and the camera to the user.

Get the perfect lighting

To ensure meeting participants look their best, they should be lit from the front (fill light), top (key light) and back (backlight).  For optimal visibility, eye contact, subject highlighting, and scene depth, use a glare-free luminary with a beam angle of 90°or wider, evenly distributing light throughout the room.

Fine-tuning color

We recommend using a light intensity of 400-500 lux, measured vertically, to clearly capture facial features, and 700-900 lux for optimal brightness on horizontal work surfaces. The lighting in the room should be even and a light color temperature of 4000 K works well in most scenarios. To render skin tones and room interior correctly, use a color rendering index (CRI) of 85 or better.

Design purpose-built spaces, only with Cisco devices.

Create an optimized home workspace.

Create an instant workspace with the portable video conferencing device designed for taking meetings with you to any room.

Streamline desk collaboration in your personal office.

Create a streamlined personal office with the portable video conferencing device.

Build an immersive, premium executive space.

Create a premium C-level experience with a high-end desk workstation in a  space with high-quality furnishings.

Reimagine your workspaces.

Cisco devices are more than great video conferencing hardware. With built-in intelligence and an open platform, they empower your team to work the way you want.

AI-powered cinematic meetings

Create inclusive audiovisual experiences and remove distractions to keep your teams focused.

Simplify and streamline video collaboration

Eliminate complexity to get the ultimate hybrid work experience.

Elevate your Microsoft Teams Rooms experience

Get the Teams video conferencing you know, powered by intelligent devices you’ll love.

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