Who Uses WebEx

Organizations around the world — smarter, greener, and more connected.

  • Collaboration

    Kohn Pedersen Fox
    Relies on WebEx to improve productivity and reduce travel for global teams.

    World Vision International
    Staff and volunteers collaborate to expand international humanitarian efforts.

  • Sales

    Glen Raven
    Provided effective, hands-on human resources training and support without travel.

    Grote Industries
    Holds virtual sales meetings to cut costs and keep sales teams informed.

  • Training

    Delivers highly interactive online classes with WebEx high-quality video conferencing.

    BPI Group
    Boosts revenue and retains clients by delivering web-based coaching.

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  • Webinars

    The Food Group
    Uses online webinars to showcase their expertise for customers and prospects.

    Reaches more prospects and increases customer interaction with webinars.

  • Support

    CEV Multimedia
    Uses online customer support to resolve technical issues up to 80% faster.

    Resolves 90% of technical support requests remotely using WebEx.

  • Education

    California Baptist University
    Uses video-based learning to extend their high-touch culture.

    Georgetown University Law Center
    Uses e-learning to transcend physical boundaries of campus.

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