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10x Banking

“We wanted something that was simple, that would enable the many teams we’ve got to work in an integrated and effective way. And that’s what we’ve got with this solution [Cisco Webex].”

Gavin Haycock

Head of Communications
10x Banking

10x Banking is an IT company located in London, England. Their vision is to transform the banking industry by making the experience better for banks, consumers, and society. Looking to address a lot of difficulties faced by financial services, they built a core banking solution, from scratch, using cloud-based architecture. The values of integrity, transformation, and impact are at the core of 10x Banking. And as a result, are integrated into every decision that is made, believing that even the tools they use in their day-to-day jobs should also reflect those values.

Collaboration is not just important for 10x Banking, it’s essential. They have teams in the office, while others work remotely. Wherever their employees are in the world, 10x Banking wants them to have to tools needed to make meeting easy, and secure. Using Cisco Webex, they are able to bring together instant messaging, telephony, and video conferencing all into one package. Gavin Haycock, Head of Communications at 10x Banking comments, “[W]e wanted something that was simple, that would enable the many teams we’ve got to work in an integrated, effective way. And that’s what we’ve got with this solution.” The ability to share information securely was also important to them. Whether it be screen sharing during a video conference or sending a file in Webex Teams, 10x Banking can swiftly share information on a call or on the go.

With simple and secure collaboration technology, 10x Banking is able to meet more effectively and focus on what really matters: transforming banks and making people’s lives easier in the process.

Bringing in instant messaging, telephony, and video conferencing all into one package was key for us. And Cisco Webex addressed that.

Sunny Maker

Operations Director
10x Banking

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