McLaren Formula 1 Team

The race behind the race.

Innovating from the ground up.

How the McLaren Formula 1 Team stays ahead of the curve.

Challenges During the pandemic, the McLaren Formula 1 Team was seeking new ways to engage with their growing global fan base while ensuring their teams could effectively collaborate no matter where they were.
Solutions McLaren turned to Webex as their solution for virtual meetings, messaging, and events. Cisco devices helped them transform their workspaces and headquarters into the ultimate hybrid work hub.
Results Now, with Webex, the McLaren Formula 1 Team can innovate from home, the office, or anywhere in between on a secure platform and continue to engage fans in new ways—all while achieving a sustainable approach to hybrid work.

Maximize teamwork. Minimize costs.

Webex Suite gives you calling, meetings, messaging, events, and more-all on one secure platform built for modern hybrid work. Ready to lower your TCO?

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Technology that operates at Formula 1 speeds.

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Jump into an immersive workspace experience and tour the latest innovations powering hybrid work.

Explore Workspaces A Webex Desk Mini and a headset rest on the counter of a modern kitchen, replete with faux marble surfaces and minimalist cabinetry.


  • Webex App

  • Webex Room Series

  • Webex Events

  • Webex Board

  • Webex Desk Pro

  • Cisco Headset 730

  • Webex Desk Mini

  • Cisco Desk Camera 4K

  • Cisco Smart Workspaces

*Certain whiteboarding features will be available at a later date.