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“With the healthcare industry, it’s very, very important that mistakes aren’t made. With any new implementation of any process, …Webex is instrumental in collaboration with our other departments.”

Nancy Rikard

Clinical Manager, Mercy Virtual

Mercy, one of the nation’s top five health systems for four years running, is a complex network of hospitals, nurses and other medical professionals – more than 40,000 co-workers in all, across 400 locations. Webex keeps them connected every day and helps ensure that their training is current, a critical role in any healthcare environment.

Today, all online meetings at Mercy are held in Webex video conferences so every staff member gets new information right from the source. Nurses can ask questions, confirm protocols, and then – once the meeting is over – dive right back into the work at hand.

For Mercy, Webex meetings are more than just a safety enhancer; they add flexibility to schedules and save time, too.

It’s just that confidence and that trust level that Webex works well every time, that’s really the most important thing to me.

Scott Richert

VP of Enterprise Services
Mercy Technology


Mercy medical professionals
and staff


Mercy locations to keep
on the same page


US states with Mercy providers and patients

Because we have so many nurses and co-workers that are scattered about, we can actually just do our Webex trainings. It decreases travel time, and yet increases continuity.

Nancy Rikard

Clinical Manager, Mercy Virtual

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