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Seyfarth Shaw

“A typical work week would be one day in-office and then four days from home. I’ve seen productivity increase and improve with my staff as a result.”

Andy Jurczyk

Chief Information Officer, Seyfarth Shaw

Seyfarth Shaw, a leading US law firm, has been innovative in creating a positive work environment for its people. With the help of Webex video conferencing, partners and their teams work from home, the road, or the office as best suits their schedules. Meeting as usual and sharing information remotely lets them keep their cases on track, and Webex connectivity helps maintain the fabric and culture of the company.

On a typical day, 30% of employees occupy the office headquarters. As a result, Seyfarth Shaw was able to downsize their office space, saving tens of millions dollars annually.

The industry-leading security that Webex offers ensures that Seyfarth Shaw clients feel comfortable on phone calls, in video conferences, and while screen sharing during presentations, no matter where they are. For partner Ben Conley, Webex improved his work-life balance in a way that really hit home. “I’ve got a five-year-old, a two-year-old, and another one on the way. To being able to see them grow up has been pretty significant.”

Webex has provided us the capability to support a video-audio conference or client presentation literally from any location on any device, and still maintain that security for our clients.

Andy Jurczyk

Chief Information Officer
Seyfarth Shaw


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Webex has allowed us to maintain connectivity, and it also has allowed us to retain talent in a way that we probably couldn’t have before.

Amanda Sonneborn

Partner, Seyfarth Shaw

We support our staff and still make them feel like they’re a part of something. At the end of the day, the technology piece became the easy part of it.

Andy Jurczyk

Chief Information Officer
Seafarth Shaw

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