Advancing new products with assisted reality and Webex.

Leng-d'Or uses a suite of Webex products with RealWear AR to maintain its status as a leading global snack food provider by ensuring research and development continuity.

Collaboration without boundaries.

With Webex, Leng-d'Or can collaborate while working remotely or internationally, accelerating product development.


Leng-d'Or needed comprehensive visual communication to maintain product testing.


Webex Expert on Demand on assisted reality (AR) glasses, Cisco Umbrella, and Cisco SecureX helped work continue securely.


Secure global collaboration between product development and production.


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Leng-d'Or's transformation at a glance

Barcelona-based Leng-d'Or develops and produces snack food products, both as a finished product for B2C sales, and as food pellets for B2B manufacturers to cook, add seasonings, and packaging for consumer sales delivery.

Many of Leng-d'Or's 800 customers are based outside Spain—mainly in the U.S., where the business has two major manufacturing facilities. Much of the business' research and development operation involves close collaboration between the Spanish and U.S. sites, which previously involved lengthy visits by Spanish food technologists.

Leng-d'Or had already begun the process of deploying Webex products before the pandemic struck and used Webex with Cisco SecureX to to ensure that work continued effectively and securely when travel was no longer an option. Webex technology enabled Spain-based technologists to view U.S. production lines directly and apply changes and machine adjustments in real time.

Webex technology can deliver extensive benefits in saved travel costs and reduced travel times, enabling Leng-d'Or to broaden its focus on its sustainable operations.

Challenges: Business research and development operations without boundaries

Leng-d'Or needed to continue to develop new products without traveling

  • Leng-d'Or's product development process involves extensive collaboration between its various sites, particularly in the U.S. and Spain.
  • With travel ruled out by the pandemic, it needed a way to ensure that this process could continue remotely and securely.
  • Leng-d'Or's recipes and formulations need to be continually updated and adapted, especially as global warming changes the properties of key raw materials such as corn and flour.

Leng-d'Or needed comprehensive visual communication to maintain testing

  • Many of Leng-d'Or's customers are based in the US, so the business has two major testing and manufacturing facilities there.
  • Leng-d'Or technologists needed a solution that would enable them to view and collaborate on all aspects of the product testing process from its Barcelona head office.
  • Security is a key consideration; using a public web connection could potentially lead to leaks or theft of key product information.
Results: With Webex and Webex Expert on Demand on assisted reality (AR) glasses, work continues effectively and securely

Webex Expert on Demand on assisted reality (AR) glasses and Meraki provide real-time visibility

  • Using a combination of Cisco devices, Webex Expert on Demand on assisted reality (AR) glasses, Cisco Umbrella and Meraki Camera, food technologists in Spain can see and collaborate on production lines operating in the U.S.
  • Technologists are able to identify any issues in the testing and production process in real time and suggest solutions such as changes to machine settings.
  • Food technologists no longer need to travel to take part in the testing and development process. This meant work could continue during travel restrictions and will also enable future savings on travel expenses.
  • Cisco SD-WAN enables online security, ensuring no unauthorized access to sensitive video feeds while also enabling customers to view processes when necessary.

Collaboration technology enables the sharing of ideas

  • Cisco Boards support real-time collaboration, brainstorming, and sharing of ideas between staff in different countries.
  • Combined with Webex Expert on Demand on assisted reality (AR) glasses, Leng-d'Or developers and technologists can use Webex to exchange drawings and formulas quickly and securely.
  • Webex technology adds flexibility for the business to adapt quickly, effectively, and securely to working from anywhere during the pandemic.
  • Development times for future new products are expected to be reduced significantly.


Leng-d'Or, a leading snack food manufacturer.

Based in Spain with facilities in the U.S., Leng-d'Or develops and produces snack food pellets and products, for both the B2B and B2C markets.

Two chips next to a pencil drawing of the same type of chips with the dimensions 35mm by 30mm specified.
4 manufacturing plants

Leng-d'Or operates state-of-the-art facilities in Spain, the U.S., Brazil, and Singapore.

300+ employees

Leng-d'Or currently has 300+ people working at its seven offices.

800+ customers

Leng-d'Or has some 800 business customers globally, 80% of which are based outside Spain.

Sustainability commitment

Leng-d'Or has reduced its packaging, promotes recycling, and uses photovoltaic panels to self-generate electrical power.


Webex Suite
Webex Expert on Demand
Cisco Umbrella
Cisco SecureX
Cisco Boards
Cisco Meraki SD-WAN
A smiling person working remotely in a home office, pausing to pet his dog.
Leng-d'Or keeps IP secure and food products coming amid global obstacles.

Webex and SecureX empowered Leng-d'Or to be resilient and efficient. The company continued to develop, test, and deliver new products even when its workforce operated remotely.

Creating new ideas with real-time collaboration.

We used this technology three or four hours each day; we can successfully develop new formulas and products using Webex for video conferencing, RealWear wearable technology, and Cisco Meraki networking.

Enric Cuixeres Saez, CIO and Gateway Cybersecurity Ambassador, Leng-d'Or

Webex lets us collaborate with all employees around the world. You can work in real time and share in real time. You can create new ideas and save them to the cloud.

Enric Cuixeres Saez, CIO and Gateway Cybersecurity Ambassador, Leng-d'Or

We deployed Webex because we needed a full collaboration solution, not just a video calling tool. We have four Cisco Boards and one connected to a standard TV; we use them because it works.

Enric Cuixeres Saez, CIO and Gateway Cybersecurity Ambassador, Leng-d'Or

Our connection between sites is not on the public internet. We have a full package of Cisco security products. Just a little open hole can cause a big problem.

Enric Cuixeres Saez, CIO and Gateway Cybersecurity Ambassador, Leng-d'Or

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