How Rent-A-Center keeps its hybrid team connected in the cloud.

Rent-A-Center, one of America’s largest rent-to-own companies, keeps their nationwide team connected with Webex, enabling seamless collaboration whether at home or in the office.

Rent-A-Center, a rent-to-own leader.

Rent-A-Center empowers customers to enjoy big-ticket items like furniture, appliances, and electronics the way they want, when they want, with flexible payment options.


The Rent-A-Center team needed to solve complex communication challenges, inefficiencies due to inconsistent solutions, and issues with implementing hybrid work practices. 


Rent-A-Center traded its patchwork of communication platforms for Webex Calling, providing them one business phone solution that they could manage efficiently from a central point.


Webex delivered a scalable, unified communications solution that helped reduce outages, improve management, and increase use.

An anytime, anywhere phone system.

Webex Calling drives always-on communication with a cloud-based solution that scales alongside your growing business. 

Seamless collaboration powered by one easy-to-use app.

How Rent-A-Center empowers excellence with better collaboration.

Secure, seamless cloud calling solution

Webex created a richer, more inclusive collaboration experience from anywhere, with integrated calling, video conferencing, messaging, and devices.

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Unified cloud experience

All 14,000 employees have a consistent calling experience and can easily connect from any device, regardless of where they’re working.

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Easy management

The Rent-A-Center team now has one cloud calling solution that’s simple to manage. They can instantly forward lines, create new lines, add new phone numbers, and more.

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Increased efficiency

Rent-A-Center has significantly reduced the number of issues they’re experiencing with their phone system and has more time to focus on innovation and serving their customers.

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Smooth transition to the cloud

The team migrated 14,000 phones to Webex Calling in just two months, also rolling out the Webex App and Webex collaboration devices.

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Scalable solution

Webex gave the Rent-A-Center team the scalable cloud solution they needed to accommodate peak times like Black Friday.

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Webex Calling

When someone says Cisco to me, I think immediately about the team that supports us. Cisco is on a very short list of the Rent-A-Center vendor partners who have really earned that title of being an extension of our team.

Erik Sabadie, VP of Enterprise Technology, Rent-A-Center

With Rent-A-Center IT, our customers are our stores. Providing them services and capabilities that allow them to better service our customers is absolutely something we endeavor on. Webex is giving us a lot more tools in their toolbox to better support their customers.

Roger Travis, Executive Director of IT Operations, Rent-A-Center

With Webex, you can always be a part of the conversation, whether you're remote or onsite. It gives you that instantaneous collaboration, whether you're here or there, you can still see what's going on.

Shawn Dandridge, Senior Manager – Network and Data Center Services, Rent-A-Center

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