Webex Room Kits

Webex Room Kits give you all the essentials to turn your meeting room into an intelligent collaboration room. Delivering video innovation-in-a-box, the Webex Room Kits include a camera, codec, speakers and microphones. All you need is a flat panel display and Webex will do the rest.

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Host smarter meetings

  • Integrated cameras are as smart as they are powerful, with ideal framing and speaker-tracking capabilities.
  • Meeting noise is automatically suppressed to reduce disruptions from sounds such as typing, paper rustling and more.
  • System automatically “wakes up” and greets you when you walk into the room, recognizing you through your mobile device.
  • Automatically counts people in the room, enabling analytics for better resource planning.
  • Advanced AI features like facial recognition for in-meeting name labels and a digital assistant that provides for a zero-touch, voice-controlled meeting experience.

Be seen, be heard, be in control

  • Rich audio experience with integrated microphones and speakers as well as automatic noise suppression, so everyone comes through crystal-clear.
  • High quality 5K camera with wide-angle lens that allows everyone in the room to be seen.
  • Easily controlled by the Cisco Touch 10 control unit or with a Cisco Webex app.

Deliver the ultimate presentation

  • Supports dual screens for video and content, as well as dual content sources, for the ultimate presentation experience.
  • Rich content sharing delivered in 4k and in 30 fps (local), and 5 fps (remote), has the option of being shared wired or wireless.
  • Whiteboard content and annotations can be viewed when shared from a Webex Board, Desk Device, or Cisco Webex app.

A Webex Room Kit for any size room.

Webex Room Kit Mini

  • Designed for huddle spaces for 2-5 people.
  • Includes codec with 120-degree field of view

Webex Room Kit

  • Designed for meeting rooms for up to 7 people.
  • Includes camera and codec in a single device.

Webex Room Kit Plus

  • Designed for medium to large rooms for up to 14 people.
  • Includes a separate Codec Plus and quad camera.

Webex Room Kit Pro

  • Designed for the largest of rooms, such as boardrooms, huge conference rooms or auditoriums.
  • Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) video.
  • Includes multiple codec options for custom deployments.
  • Integrates with multiple cameras and screens.

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