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UNC Pembroke

“Cisco Webex has allowed me to integrate my in-person students and online students, where I can give them the same resources and teach them both the same thing. ”

Joe West, PhD

UNC Pembroke

UNC Pembroke is a University North Carolina, differentiating itself from others with its ability to offer opportunities, culture, and ideas that can’t be found anywhere else. UNC Pembroke’s goal is to equip its students with resources to learn and grow, while eliminating geographic and economic barriers.

The school uses Cisco Webex to bring students and faculty closer together. Gone are the days of set in-person office hours as the only means of communication. Faculty are now able to use Webex Meetings to connect 1:1 with students and answer questions, anytime, anywhere. In addition, video conferencing allows for seamless integration of both online and in-person students into a single environment.

Similarly, Webex Teams is used to extend classroom learning. Students create spaces to collaborate on projects, making it easy for professors to observe and weigh in, when needed. The ability to upload and share documents helps ensure version control, so each person in the group has the most up-to-date report.

As technology continues to evolve, the way students learn will follow a similar pattern. Joe West, a professor at UNC Pembroke comments that since he has implemented Webex Meetings and Teams in his classrooms and teaching curriculum, he has received higher evaluation scores because students want access to learning, wherever they are.

Education in today’s world isn’t as possible without access to information. Our goal is to make access to information as simple as possible.

Kevin Pait

Chief Information Officer
UNC Pembroke

Webex is great for 1:1 meetings. With Webex Teams, the meeting continues. We can build groups for projects and load our documents in that space. They can review, and share.

James Lewis

Interactive Video Manager
UNC Pembroke

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