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Transforming the learning process

University of Portsmouth

“We provide Webex to all staff and students throughout the University as a way to enhance their learning. It has enabled us to collaborate all around the world.”

Jeanette Connell

Principal Communications Specialist
University of Portsmouth

Award winning and distinguished in the education it provides, The University of Portsmouth, is nestled in Portsmouth, Hamshire, England, serving students from all over the world. They offer TEF Gold-rated teaching and provide each student with the opportunity to excel to their highest potential, alongside investing in high-impact projects to make the planet a better place.

The university wanted a way to connect simpler, and more securely. Webex video conferencing has alleviated communication barriers, helping students, professors, and other staff connect with each other and other facilities more smoothly, and quickly. In addition, when students apply to the university, they must undergo an interview. Instead of traveling to Portsmouth for it, staff are able to talk face-to-face with the applicants, wherever they are. This also speeds up the process of letting candidates know if they are accepted into a program at the school. Moving forward, they are looking at other ways to use Webex collaboration tools to enhance the education experience and continue to set students up for their future careers.

We’ve used Webex video conferencing to facilitate interviews to student candidates. It gives the students the opportunity to reduce stress levels, and not worry about cost associated with traveling.

Kirsten Farrell-Savage

Principal Lecturer and Admissions Lead
University of Portsmouth

Our students and staff work with new technology all the time and it’s important that students have that experience because it sets them up for their future careers.

Kirsten Farrell-Savage

Principal Lecturer and Admissions Lead
University of Portsmouth

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