Changing the way education looks by connecting with students anywhere, anytime.

Curtin University

“The face of education is changing in a variety of ways. It’s being driven by students who are now demanding learning from anywhere, at any time.”

Ian Callahan

Chief Operating Officer
Curtin University

Curtin University is located in Western Australia and is known for its innovation in both research and teaching. As a global University with over 90 exchange partnerships around the world, they welcome cultural diversity and in 2019, Academic Ranking of World Universities ranked Curtin in the top one percent of universities worldwide.

Curtin University recognizes that the generation of learners coming onto their campuses grew up with technology at their fingertips, and therefore learn differently than past generations. In fact, students and staff are demanding a shift in the way classes are taught.

Embracing this change, Curtin University made steps to be able to deliver education anywhere, anytime. Ian Callahan, COO of Curtin University, says that Cisco Webex Meetings are the cornerstone of learning in their classrooms. Video conferencing has impacted how learning can be distributed, and how professors can connect with students, not just in the classroom, but around the world. In addition, Jill Downie, Vice-Chancellor, mentions that video conferencing allows for deeper connection and greater flexibility. Staff at Curtin University can be anywhere and still help their students through the use of Webex tools.

Ranked in the top 1%   of universities worldwide

Technology enables us to make sure we can connect with students wherever they are around the world and we can distribute our learning into any of our campuses. And have global leaders come into the classes through technology.

Jill Downie

Vice-Chancellor Academic
Curtin University


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