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Get an account

Need an account? . If your company is already using Webex, log in using your company email address as your username and password.


Schedule meetings

If you’re a meeting host, schedule meetings using Webex. Your guests will receive instructions how to join directly in the invite.


Join a meeting

The fastest way to join a meeting is by using the Webex Desktop app. You can also join using a web browser, Webex mobile app or a video device.

Stay productive from anywhere

See how people like you are using Webex to make their remote work feel more connected and more collaborative.

Best practices for working remotely

  • Find a workspace that’s comfortable and productive
  • Connect face-to-face using Webex
  • Mute your microphone in meetings if you’re seated in a noisy area
  • Grab a headset to reduce distractions
  • Turn your video on. The world works better face to face!

Bonus tip: If you have bandwidth constraints, join the meeting on your laptop and join audio from your phone instead.

Leading a remote team

As a leader, your role is crucial in helping your team transition to remote work. Discover new opportunities virtual collaboration brings to keep everyone engaged and maintain your team culture.

Changing how you work

  • Connect with your team daily, whether in a message or over video.
  • Make meetings collaborative by balancing status updates and brainstorming as a team.
  • Not every meeting has to be all business. Find time to celebrate your team.

Set your team up for success

  • Build your team’s Webex skills - ask them to schedule meetings with each other to get started.
  • Share the Webex essentials guide with your team.
  • Get comfortable on video. Ask your team to use their webcams (and lead by example).

Join other team leaders navigating the transition to remote work by attending a live online class designed for people managers.

Stay productive from anywhere.

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Learn from the experts. We’ll share tips and ideas that will help you stay focused when working remotely.

How to videos

See how easy it is to schedule, join, share content, and collaborate in meetings.

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