Cisco Active USB-C Cable
One cable. Endless collaboration.
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    Powerful flexibility

    Enjoy hassle-free USB connectivity with the optical USB-C to USB-C cable that can connect a wide range of laptops to your video conferencing system.

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    Clutter-free setup

    Remove the clutter from your meeting space with the USB-C cable that delivers seamless content sharing, screen extension, USB passthrough, touch redirect, and charging on compatible video devices.*

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    Plug-and-play connectivity

    Get seamless connectivity and reliable data transmission with up to 4K resolution on Cisco Desk, Room, and Board Series devices without the hassle of using multiple dongles.

  • active optical cable
    meter long
    charging capability
    resolution at 30 fps

    Connect everything.

    The Cisco Active USB-C Cable can connect a wide range of laptops with Cisco video devices without having to use multiple dongles. It helps remove the clutter from your meeting room with a single cable that ensures high quality and signal speed. Simply connect Cisco Desk, Room, or Board Series devices to your laptop via USB-C to extend your display, share content, get USB passthrough, or use touch-redirect capabilities on the Cisco Board Pro.

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    Data sheets and literature

    *The level of support of these features is dependent on the video device.


    * *As this offer is highly customized to specific end user requirements, pricing is provided upon request. Actual price will vary by specific offer model/configuration and the country/region.

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