Cisco Precision 60 Camera
Premier camera views for any workspace.
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    Powerful pan-tilt-zoom for inclusive meetings

    Unlock a reliable video imaging experience that delivers clarity and sharpness in any workspace. The Precision 60 Camera features an enhanced view range, quickly adapts to changing light conditions, and offers a wide field of view to ensure everyone in the room is properly captured and framed.

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    Unrivalled flexibility

    Maintain the connection between meeting participants and presenters—regardless of location—using a powerful combination of hardware and intelligent camera software. Plus, easy integration into existing meeting rooms and AV scenarios offers as much flexibility as you desire.

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    Make device management a breeze

    Simplify device management, remote monitoring, and troubleshooting with an intuitive administrator portal that provides advanced configurations, integrations, and analytics.

  • 1080p max resolution
    pan range
    total zoom
    field of view

    Flexibility meets precision.

    The Cisco Precision 60 Camera is a powerful room conferencing peripheral designed for large meeting rooms that provides high image quality, superior adaptability to light conditions, intelligent presenter tracking, and is ideal for use with the Cisco Room Kit EQ, Room Kit Plus, and Room Kit Pro video conferencing device bundles. It offers a high-definition video experience with sharpness and clarity while facilitating easy integration into small to large workspaces and AV deployments.

    Powered by RoomOS.

    Cisco RoomOS is the only operating system purpose-built for collaboration, delivering an intuitive user experience. Beyond supporting the native Webex and Microsoft Teams Rooms experience and advanced meeting interoperability, the platform is secure by design and continually developed to make the device experience even better over time.

    Gain full visibility into your devices.
    Streamlined deployment

    Easy to deploy, scale, and maintain. Get everything you need in a box to take your meeting space to the next level—either in the cloud, on premises, or as a hybrid solution via Webex Edge for Devices.

    Unified cloud management

    Unify cloud admin, device management, analytics, and workspace insights in Control Hub to remove IT headaches and improve resource planning.

    Real-time monitoring

    Track environmental conditions and occupancy via smart sensors to create a safer and more productive workplace while enhancing employee wellbeing.

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    * As this offer is highly customized to specific end user requirements, pricing is provided upon request. Actual price will vary by specific offer model/configuration and the country/region.

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